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IRAQ CRISIS : Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon Statement HKPR.031330.1 March 31, 2003.

HKPR.031330.1 March 31, 2003.



“While Faithful Believers around the world are searching for opportunities to join the valiant forces of Saddam Hussein and sacrifice their lives in the Way of Allah, the degenerated Faithless coward ruling elites of Muslims countries in the middle-east and around the world are sitting folded-hand shivering in fear and timidly watching Anglo-American aggression against Iraq, and may be looking for opportunities to bow down to Bush. In this situation I find it very much appropriate to quote Minister Luis Farrakhan, the leader of the American Muslims, ‘Iraqi people may have been chosen by Allah to suffer to awaken you sleeping giants. Allah may have chosen one man Saddam Hussein to defy the powers that you bow down to. To show you that they would rather be dead than have to put-up to America crawling and begging’.

On February 6-7, 1998, Minister Farrakhan was in Dhaka, and I had the opportunity to be his host in a party of distinguished people of Dhaka including the then Attorney General Barrister K.S. Nabi, renowned intellectual Late Ahmed Safa, Chairman of the Department of Law of Dhaka University Prof. Dr. Maimul Ahsan Khan, Mr. Obeid Jaigirdar, diplomats of Palestine, Iraq & Libya, leaders of Khelafat Andolon, Khelafat Majlish & Islami Shashantantra Andolon. Farrakhan in his address, in presence of the distinguished personalities, said :-

‘President Nixon was impeached and rehabilitated. Then he wrote a book called THE REAL WAR. And in this book he said, the enemy of democracy is not communism. The real enemy of democracy is fundamentalist Islam.

‘.. If America and her president sees Islam as an enemy and opposes Islam, then they are not just in opposition to Islam, they are in opposition to the Will of Allah, and nothing and no one can oppose God and win. ..

‘.. The West does not want Arab-African unity. The West does not want Muslim unity. If they don’t want, and Allah has ordered, why don’t we obey Allah? And what is the consequence of our disobedience to the Commands of God? Do you think that you will not pay a price for disobeying God when you have the Holy Quran in your hand? .. We act like people who have no sense. We have given over our power to the United Nations. Who is the United Nations that they should dictate to us when the Quran has already dictated to the Muslims how Muslims should act?

‘... We are pawns because we want friendship with the superpowers rather than friendship with the Only Power and that is Allah. But how many of us really believe that Allah is really God? ... We say, yes Allah is God but we have no money. Who holds the treasures of the Heaven and the Earth? If Allah is the Owner, why not bow down to Allah and then seek what you need from Him rather than crawl on knees to the powers of the world begging for what you could get for yourself if you were a United Ummah. ... I know that Islam is the Superpower potentially in the next century (i.e. the current 21st Century, the speech was made in the last century in 1998). But we now got to do something now to make that a reality.

‘Allah is not going to change our condition until we make a change of ourselves. Allah didn’t setup Egypt. Allah didn’t setup Saudi Arabia. Allah didn’t setup Kuwait, United Arab Emirates. Allah didn’t setup Sudan. Allah didn’t setup Morocco, Libya, or all of your national boundaries. That’s your doing. Allah didn’t setup Shiia. Allah didn’t setup Sunni. Allah didn’t setup Hanbali, Hanafi. This is our doing. Till our Muhammad (Sm) was a Muslim and there was no division among us until after he was gone. Then we setup our religion into sects and parties each glorifying in their little path. And Shaitan is happy... because the Ummah is divided.... I am not saying that I am a better Muslim than any body else. But brothers, sisters, I refused to bow down. The Jews want me to come on bended knees... The Congress of the United States threatened me. They said, Farrakhan, you have gone to this rogue nation, we are going to call you before the Congress. I said, don’t threat me, do it. Do it. ‘... When you have Allah, you got it all. They talk about us as the minority. How can we be minority in union with God. I am the Majority, and so we are. ..

‘... If I have hurt anybody’s feelings, I hope you will forgive me. That’s not my intention. My intention is to put on your conscience the fact that we have got to be better than what we are, in order for Allah to give us the Benefit of what He Promised us. And I pray to Allah in the name of His servant Muhammad (Sm) for the great nation of Iraq. ... The Iraqi people may have been chosen by Allah to suffer to awaken you sleeping giants. Allah may have chosen one man Saddam Hussein to defy the powers that you bow down to, to show you that they would rather be dead that have to put-up to America crawling and begging. That is something worth dying.. May be Allah wants us turn the world and is using Iraq to turn the world down. I want you to know that God is real. His Power is real. He has kept America as a preserved area for Himself. ... God wants that for Himself. Just as He used tempest to bring Pharaoh down, He has the same in Mind for America. You keep watching. No outside forces can harm her. Her’s will come from God if she does not bow down. And it is my job to worn her that she is at the end even though she looks like she will be here forever. I am telling you, she is at her death bed, bet she doesn’t know it, neither do you. But when Allah avenges His Commands to pass on America, all of you will bow down. Because, you are bowing down now to that which has no power, but when Allah uses His Power on America as He is destined to do, all of us will bow down. Surely in the shock of the hour when you see it is grievous thing, you will see men drunken but they will not be drunken, but the chastisement of Allah will be severe. These are just not words. You are going to see these in the next few years, by the help of Allah.’

During 1998 we distributed among the diplomatic missions in Dhaka the video and audio cassettes of Farrakhan’s above speech. Meanwhile, the Twin Towers were destroyed, we believe, by the Curses of God to Warn the Americans. But the US Administration is run by senseless arrogant unbelievers and they were unable to grasp the Warning of God. Rather they exploited it as a ploy to commit further crime against the divine people in Afghanistan. We have no doubt that the US Administration is hurrying towards her own extinction. US is at her death bed and her neck, backbone and loins are breaking down and she will lose her ability to remain standing. She will have no option but to kneel down. Those who fear her and worship her as a superpower, shall face extinction. Any ruling elite that want to survive have no option but to be under the leadership of Saddam Hussein who has earned a divine leadership by his Faith and allegiance to Allah.”

Kazi Azizul Huque,
International Affairs Secretary,
Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon
314/2, J.N. Shaha St., Kellar Morr, Lalbagh, Dhaka-1211, Bangladesh.